School Days and Parisian Nightsuits: Every 'Freaks and Geeks' Episode, Ranked

In honor of the gone-too-soon show, we rank every episode of this cult TV classic, from good to great

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10. 'Beers and Weirs'

Air Date: October 2, 1999
On the heels of a drunk-driving assembly at school, Lindsay's new "friends" encourage her to have a keg party while her parents are away in Chicago. More experienced in the sort of shindigs that involve clowns and magicians, Lindsay attempts a cool-vibe makeover of the Weir home to make it more "party-like." But Sam and his friends aren't as blasé about the lessons they learned in that same assembly and, with the help of a liquor store employee, switch out the real keg for a non-alcoholic one. While the bulk of the series shows the different cliques interacting in passing, this episode (number two in the series) throws each level of McKinley High's social strata into one small space and lets teenage politics do the rest. Some of episode's best moments come with the arrival of lovable dork — and Lindsay's former BFF — Millie, who declares that she's going to have more fun than anyone by not drinking. She then launches into a mean piano version of the Doobie Brothers' "Jesus is Just Alright," with backup from Nick.
Best Line: "I'm Jewish. That's no cakewalk either. Last year, I was elected school treasurer. I didn't even run!"

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