Every Comedy Central Roast, From Worst to Best

From Flavor Flav to Larry the Cable Guy, we rank every one of the network's insult-athons

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11. Bob Saget

Yes, Comedy Central roasted a man best known as Danny Tanner on Full House and the host of America's Funniest Home Videos — in 2008. To be fair, Saget is a stand-up comic and a notably dirty one, but let's say this isn't an incredibly timely choice for the national viewing audience. And though the former sitcom star looks a little mystified about being there, he's more than willing to let chums including John Stamos take him down. Stylistically, the peanut gallery is all over the place — from Jeff Garlin's breezniness to Gilbert Gottfried's relentlessness — but the best, and most surprising, set comes from none other than Norm MacDonald. His beyond awkward dad jokes were an honest response to a producer's suggestion that he be shocking; by making a full 180-degree turn to ultra-cheesiness ("Bob has a beautiful face, like a flower. Yeah, cauli-flower!"), he stole the show.

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