End Game: TV's Best and Worst Series Finales

From 'Lost' to 'The Sopranos,' these are last episodes that got it right — and very, very wrong

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Best: 'Breaking Bad'

Two questions hovered over Breaking Bad's ending: Would Walt die? (He did.) And would he find redemption? (Thankfully, he did.) Although the show often chronicled its everyman's boundless cunning and ruthless ambition, the finale — "Felina" — presented the long-awaited consequences, doled out with grim, compelling inevitability. As played with quiet ferocity by Bryan Cranston, Walt had long ago become a bastard whose soul wasn't worth saving. But that fact didn’t make this last act any less moving: As the curtain fell, he figured out how to rescue those closest to himself while, at last, coming to terms with the realization that he’d been the one who'd endangered them in the first place.

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