Emmys Hogs: The Most Over-Rewarded Stars and Shows

These actors and series may have earned their awards, but did they deserve to walk away with that much gold?

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'Hill Street Blues'

Steven Bochco's police procedural was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series all seven seasons it aired on NBC, and won the Emmy in that category in its first four seasons. That's not even counting the acting Emmys that Daniel Travanti, Betty Thomas, Michael Conrad and Veronica Hamel won, as well as the score of technical awards it garnered. Look, no one's denying that Hill Street Blues was an influential show, or that it planted the seeds for series like NYPD Blue and The Shield. But $100 says no one born after 1985 can name a single Hill Street officer. In fact, Bochco is arguably more known nowadays for giving us Doogie Howser than he is for this police drama. A recently released DVD box set will hopefully allow generations to sample this groundbreaking show firsthand, but given that it lives largely on its reputation, we're wondering if the sheer amount of gold this show took home shouldn't be filed under "overkill."

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