Emmys Hogs: The Most Over-Rewarded Stars and Shows

These actors and series may have earned their awards, but did they deserve to walk away with that much gold?

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Helen Hunt

At some point in the Nineties, the formula for successful sitcoms shifted; the days of shows hinging on one marquee name or a semi-famous duo playing husband-and-wife gave way to the ensembles of Seinfeld and Friends. However, the Emmys failed to change their nomination guidelines when it came to Outstanding Actress in a Comedy, so Mad About You's Helen Hunt was able to score four Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series wins. It's not that she wasn't worthy  – Hunt seemed like she was slumming it on TV, since two of her Emmys came after she won the Best Actress Academy Award for As Good As It Gets — but she didn't have to face competition from Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus or the Friends actresses, since they were duking it out in Outstanding Supporting Actress. It wasn't until Jennifer Aniston won an Outstanding Actress Emmy in 2002 that voters finally rectified the situation.

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