Emmys 2016: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From Jimmy Kimmel's Trump jokes to 'Game of Thrones' making history — the good, the bad and the ugly of 68th annual Emmy Awards

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Worst: That Cameo-Packed, Rather Lame Opening Skit

Worst: That Cameo-Packed, Rather Lame Opening Skit

The night began on a somewhat limp note with a sketch in which the host hitched a series of rides to the ceremony, starting with the white Bronco from The People v. O.J. Simpson and winding up on dragonback with Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen. A serviceable enough idea — except the montage was so concerned with packing in as many famous faces as possible that it came off as frantic and random: The Modern Family folks? Kimmel and James "Carpool Karaoke" Corden reenacting a Wham! video? Ryan Seacrest going down in a hail of CGI dragon fire? And Jeb Bush was there for what reason, now? Because, you know, we've all been desperately missing his magnetic presence. The only correlation we can see is that the jokes fell as flat as his campaign. (Please clap.)

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