David Letterman's Top 10 Musical Moments

From Sonny and Cher's reunion to Future Islands' freakout, the most memorable performances during Dave's 33 years in late night

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Oasis - 'Live Forever' (1995)

Oasis were exploding all over Europe in the mid-Nineties, but America hadn't quite caught on yet. Many bands in their same position wait until a single takes off before crossing the Atlantic, but Noel Gallgher and co. opted to travel all across the country, playing bars in the U.S. when they could have been in arenas back in England. It was a smart strategy that helped them build a huge fan base from the ground up. On March 8th, 1995 they made their American TV debut by playing "Live Forever" on Letterman. "Good to meet you," the host said to the band. "Great song!" He was speaking for a lot of people. 

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