Dave's Faves: Top 10 Repeat Guests on Letterman

From flirty Julia Roberts to flighty Regis Philbin, these stars kept coming back for more

10. Teri Garr

Multiple sclerosis has kept Teri Garr out of the spotlight for the last decade, but she was an underrated staple of Late Night, serving as a funny, flirty sparring partner to Dave. Their most memorable moment came in 1985 when Letterman coaxed her into taking a shower during the show. (She finally relented, but only after announcing, "I hate you!") Their banter displayed a palpable sexual chemistry, but in the 1990s they had a falling out after Dave was irked that she spoke to TV journalist Bill Carter for his late-night wars book The Late Shift. But they eventually buried the hatchet, and Garr came on the Late Show in 2008 after suffering from a brain aneurysm. After Dave helped her to the couch, the host slyly joked, "I enjoyed the opportunity to grab you inappropriately."