Best of Enemies: Jon Stewart's 10 Favorite 'Daily Show' Targets

From Fox News to Arby's, the folks commonly caught in the comedian's crosshairs

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Dubya and the Bush Administration

On the first Daily Show after the 9/11 attacks, an ashen Jon Stewart told his audience how fortunate he and his staff felt to be able to do a show like theirs during such terrible times: "We can sit in the back of the country and make wisecracks, which is really what we do — we sit in the back and throw spitballs." The subsequent months and years provoked plenty of spitballs, but as the Bush Administration wandered from one disaster to another — Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Hurricane Katrina — the show forged its legacy as the principled, angry, very funny response to the lunacy enveloping the country. Jon's snickering-dumb-guy impression of Bush and Penguin-like parody of Dick Cheney were a tonic against their brusque incompetence, but it only belied the genuine anger underneath the jokes. Living through the Bush years was excruciating — sharing our pain, Jon helped us get the rage and disillusionment out of our system.

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