50 Best 'Mad Men' Characters

From one-off cameos to Sterling-Cooper's core players, we're ranking the show's most memorable characters

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Betty Draper Francis
Jordin Althaus/AMC13/50

13. Betty Draper Francis

Showcase Episode: "Meditations in an Emergency"
Don's first wife lives out the curse of the feminine mystique, a fashion model who marries a dashing young Don Draper only to keep finding out how alone she is. Her outfits are Mad Men fashion at its best — especially the dress she wears to meet Henry Francis at Swenson's Bakery. She goes back to school to get her psych degree; it's weird to see her sit at the kitchen table reading Freud's Dora: A Case Study of Hysteria, a book that once seemed like her life story. Here's a whipped-cream toast to you, Bertie — straight from the can.

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