30 Best 'Walking Dead' Characters

From survivors to Saviors, the Governor to Negan – the greatest heroes, villains and everything-in-between of AMC's hit zombie-horror show

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Maggie Greene
Gene Page/AMC7/30

7. Maggie Greene

Hershel's daughter has her dad's good heart and keen mind; her journey over the course of the series, however, has already been richer and more complicated than his. She's experienced a deep, life-changing romance, only to see her true love Glenn get bludgeoned before her eyes. She's developed political acumen thanks to the tutelage of Deanna, and has used it to fill the void within the survivors and become the group's real leade. And while she experimented with becoming as razor-edged as Carol, she ultimately realized that hardness didn't fit her personality or perspective. Battle-tested, strong-willed, and played with real nuance and grace by Lauren Cohan, the young Ms. Greene has quietly become a Walking Dead MVP. Give 'em hell, Maggie.

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