30 Best 'Colbert Report' Bits

From big gay roundups to the Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude, we count down the faux-political pundit's greatest recurring segments and in-jokes

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15. The Craziest F#?king Thing I've Ever Heard

It's a bit where the entire concept is right there in the title: "The Craziest F#?king Thing I've Ever Heard" tracked down the oddest, vilest news items from around the world and then stared in slack-jawed astonishment. Plants that grow tomatoes and potatoes (or "TomTatoes")! Parasites that eat their victims' tongue and then become a new tongue! Plenty of Colbert fans probably never knew the segment was a spoof of Bill O'Reilly's "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." But then again, Papa Bear's show never featured a look at the reanimated severed ear of Vincent Van Gogh.

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