25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017

From superhero sitcoms to dystopia-lit adaptations, new 'Star Trek' to new 'Twin Peaks' – here's what you'll be watching this year

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'24: Legacy'

Fox, Feb. 5
Because you can't keep a good franchise with a tried-and-true premise down. The charismatic Corey Hawkins, of Walking Dead and Straight Outta Compton fame, is an Army Ranger who returns home from an overseas mission and finds out that his squad has been marked for death by an ISIS-like organization. So he turns to the Counter-Terrorism Unit for help; you get three guesses as to how long he has to get himself out of harm's way. Whether or not this Jack Bauer-less spin-off can repeat its predecessor's real-time thrills remains to be seen, but we'll be tuning in to find out. DF

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