25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016

From true-crime recreations to the return of 'Game of Thrones,' here's what we can't wait to watch this year

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'The Americans' (March 16th)

'The Americans' (March 16th)

Okay, listen: Maybe you've been reluctant to dive into this thriller series about a married couple (both Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell deserve all the awards) who double as undercover Soviet spies during the Reagan era, despite the fact that practically every TV critic has embraced this show as the second coming of The Sopranos. Now's the time to get on board, however, as last season upped the ante by getting their kids involved in the emotional fallout of living dangerous, deep-cover lives, and the hint that this period piece will delve into the mid-Eighties biowarfare scare suggests the screws will be tightened even more. Great performances, intelligent storylines, a well-curated soundtrack and the greatest assortment of wigs you'll ever see on the small screen — whaddaya need, a road map?!? DF

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