25 Best TV Shows of 2015

From female superheroines to cyberpunk hackers, the year's small-screen highpoints

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2. 'Mad Men' (AMC)

"Men don’t take the time to end things," as sexual philosopher Joan Holloway Harris once explained. "They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate." But not only did Matthew Weiner end Mad Men, he saved some of the Sterling Cooper crew's most unforgettable moments for closing time. Don Draper stranded on a desert bus-stop bench, a Buddy Holly tune in his head, watching as his Cadillac disappears into the dust. Peggy Olson doing her glam strut into the office, rocking her shades and cigarette and Thermos. Roger Sterling crouched over the organ, his mustache reeking of vermouth, playing "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo" as Peggy shows off her roller-skate skills. And that ingenious final scene — Don has his moment of Zen doing yoga on a cliff up in old Big Sur, where you see the light and it looks just like Coca-Cola, C-O-L-A, cola. Damn, I'll miss these bastards.

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