25 Best 'Mad Men' Musical Moments

From Sinatra to Stones, Bowie to 'Zou Bisou Bisou' — the show's choicest song selections

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The Nashville Teens, 'Tobacco Road' (Season 4, Episode 1)

A company lives or dies on its PR — and the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is floundering, thanks in part to Don’s evasiveness in an interview with Advertising Age. That ends up screwing the company out of a new account, and by the end of the episode, Don is mythologizing SCDP's founding in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, in an effort to repair his reputation. But the story he tells — "I walked into Lane Pryce's office and said, 'Fire us'" — is contrasted with the spot-on "Tobacco Road," by British Invasion band the Nashville Teens. "I was born/in a trunk/momma died and my daddy got drunk" is basically Don's life story, one very different from the public image he projects.

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