25 Best 'Daily Show' Correspondents

From Colbert to Carell, John Oliver to John Hodgman, nobody helped Jon Stewart report the fake news better

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4. Steve Carell (1999-2005)

The first big breakout star of the TDS correspondent set, Carell was already perfecting his confident-dimwit chops with his "Produce Pete" character and reports like his takedown of "dangerous" yule-log programming. ("Graphic images of sex and violence, beamed into your living room at the speed of...air.") As one half of the double-act "Even Stephven" with his friend Stephen Colbert, he could match his partner step for deadpan-lunacy step — the moment when he breaks into an uluation during a debate on religion is damned near priceless. "His ability to find comedy in moments you don't realize is amazing," Stewart has said. You could tell he had a certain It quality even back then. 

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