25 Best 'Daily Show' Correspondents

From Colbert to Carell, John Oliver to John Hodgman, nobody helped Jon Stewart report the fake news better

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7. Lewis Black (1996-Present)

Every time his theme song came on — a slightly tweaked version of the AC/DC song that gave the Back in Black segment its name — you knew what you were going to get: conniption fits of fury, flying spittle and yelling. Lots and lots of yelling. So often, when the news got too infuriating, Stewart could do nothing put his head in his hands and sigh. Lewis Black was, in a way, the host's anger translator, constantly thrusting a finger at the camera and into the eye of idiots. His genuine outrage at the fake outrage during the 2012 election's "you didn't build that" meme is Black at his vein-popping, profanity-bleeping best. We're so happy the most wrathful man on TV is sticking around. SC

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