25 Best 'Daily Show' Correspondents

From Colbert to Carell, John Oliver to John Hodgman, nobody helped Jon Stewart report the fake news better

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16. Al Madrigal (2011-Present)

This stand-up comic's addition to the TDS stable of correspondents does more than offer a much-needed Latino perspective to the show; his semi-stoner-ish persona when he's in the field and way with an off-the-cuff dig has given the show some priceless moments/zingers as of late. Our personal favorite came during his recent "El Jebe" riff, when Stewart asked Madrigal about Hilary Clinton's immigration speech and he made mention of the candidate delivering her speech "in what is clearly the adult-circulation room of a public library…I guess she figures hey, if it's a good enough place for homeless guys to masturbate in, it's good enough for pandering to Latinos." DF

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