20 Best, Worst and WTF Things We Saw at 2015 Emmy Awards

From Andy Samberg's musical opening to presenter do's and don'ts, the cream and crud of last night's show

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Best: Andy Samberg Hosting Like a True TV Fan
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Best: Andy Samberg Hosting Like a True TV Fan

He struggled a bit with that opening hoagie joke; ditto his Jackie Robinson diversity crack. But Samberg's banter picked up nicely on relevant water-cooler conversation, from Girls' posterior motor-boating to Jon Snow's fate on Game of Thrones, and even throwaway intros like the one for Viola Davis that referenced Robert Durst ("She’s the star of How to Get Away With Murder and he's the star of how not to") earned a chuckle. The only misfire was his parody of Mad Men's final scene, which started off promisingly enough ("I wonder if anybody noticed I took off for a couple of hours to meditate" is an appropriate send-up of Don Draper's entire concept of a workday), but squandering the premise and turning juvenile. Still, everyone can watch "a buttload of Arliss" for free now, so thanks Khaleesifan3@EmmyHost.com! PR

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