20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments at Golden Globes 2016

From Ricky Gervais' scorched-earth hosting to surprise upsets, the high and lows of last night's award's show

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Worst: Why Was 'The Martian' a Comedy?
Paul Drinkwater/NBC13/20

Worst: Why Was 'The Martian' a Comedy?

Someone needs to have a sit-down with the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to explain to them what constitutes a comedy. We're guessing most people's definition is not "drama that includes a few more jokes than average." And yet that's essentially where three of the five Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy nominees land — including Joy, The Big Short and winner The Martian. Don’t get us wrong: We quite enjoyed Ridley Scott's astronaut-rescue tale, but it's both misrepresentative of the movie itself to wedge it in this category, and a disservice to the nominees that are, y'know, actually comedies, like Spy and Trainwreck.

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