20 Best TV Spin-Offs

From Mork to Maude, these were the shows that proved the second time's a charm

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4. 'The Colbert Report'

Stephen Colbert had been introducing aspects of "Stephen Colbert" — the poorly informed, conservative pundit who cracked us up for close to a decade — in his regular Daily Show dispatches, which technically makes this a spin-off. What started as a questionable parody of The O'Reilly Report soon became a testament to the power of commitment (Colbert only broke character a few times during 10 seasons on the air) and home to some of the sharpest political satire around. Regular features such as "The Word" and "ThreatDown"  consistently cracked us up; there were nights when the Report ran laps around its sister show. We're still in denial that the boorish blowhard is gone. DF

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