20 Best TV Moments of 2014

From a 'Broad City' birthday to a clone dance party, these were the small-screen scenes that shocked us, shook us and cracked us up in a big way

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'True Detective': Matthew McConaughey's Psycho Eyes
'True Detective' Photo by Lacey Terrell1/20

1. 'True Detective': Matthew McConaughey's Psycho Eyes

Damn, just look at those eyes. The way he fiddles with a crushed Lone Star Beer can while musing, "Time is a flat circle." The way he gazes into the distance at dark birds only he can see, hearing a Thirteenth Floor Elevators guitar drone in his head. The way he sweet-talks a confession out of a murderer, then offers some twisted advice. Matthew McConaughey faces all the horror of True Detective with his vacant Joe Walsh-after-electroshock stare, which only makes it more chilling. Neither McConaughey nor Woody Harrelson have ever been stronger, and both performances stick with you all year long. The Southern Gothic noir is packed with strange details, right down to Harrelson's Pink Floyd Division Bell T-shirt — just what a downward-spiraling Louisiana cop would wear to a vice raid in 1995. True Detective gets new shivers out of the most ancient cop-show cliche — fighting monsters turns you into one. But the most terrifying monster in it? The one lurking in McConaughey's eyes.

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