20 Best TV Moments of 2014

From a 'Broad City' birthday to a clone dance party, these were the small-screen scenes that shocked us, shook us and cracked us up in a big way

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15. 'The Knick': Tenderloin Riot

Welcome to the 20th century — what a dump. Seriously, The Knick has the most viscerally disgusting hospital scenes in TV history, with Stephen Soderbergh relishing every dangling entrail he can coax out of the human torso circa 1900. But all through the show's amazing debut season, what grabs you is the emotional brutality of Clive Owen's Dr. John Thackery. He's the Al Swearengen of this medical Deadwood, high on toxic levels of ego, as well as newfangled inventions like cocaine. It's startling to see him react when a mob riot explodes in New York's Tenderloin district — Thackery realizes he's face to face with American racism, i.e. something bigger and scarier than he is.

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