Class Acts: 20 Best School TV Shows

From "The Wire" to "Welcome Back, Kotter," these campus-set series get an A+

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12. 'Strangers With Candy'

High school is often very stupid — and good deal of the afterschool-special-style TV it has inspired is even more so. Enter Amy Sedaris, co-creator and star of this Comedy Central show designed to destroy every sentimental-education adolescent cliché of the small screen. As Jerri Blank, a middle-aged ex-junkie prostitute who returns to high school, Sedaris is so convincingly appalling that she appears to warp the moral universe around her. Everyone in the supporting cast — including a pre-Report Stephen Colbert — gets caught in the vortex. It's a fish out of water comedy in which conventional campus live-and-learn lessons wind up floating belly up.

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