Class Acts: 20 Best School TV Shows

From "The Wire" to "Welcome Back, Kotter," these campus-set series get an A+

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11. 'Daria'

A Cassandra in combat boots, high-school student Daria Morgendoffer is doomed to spend her animated series in perpetual, bespectacled, monotone disgust with her stultifying suburban surroundings. All she has to protect herself is her superior intelligence and an endless supply of cutting remarks. Spinning off from Mike Judge's MTV smash Beavis and Butt-head (itself a surprisingly smart examination of the society that gave rise to its teenage dirtbags), Daria has become even more iconic. She and her friend Jane Lane, she of the asymmetrical haircut and multiple piercings, connected with a generation of millennials in their formative school years (especially, but by no means exclusively, girls). In this cartoon sitcom and its star, they discovered the power of calling bullshit.

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