20 Best 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Episodes

We count down the funniest, most WTF misadventures of the Paddy's Pub gang

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12. 'The World Series Defense' (Season 5, Episode 6)

Two of Charlie's funkiest alter-egos pop up in this episode: his "Green Man" mascot, ready to show up the Phillie Phanatic (called the "Phrenetic" here to avoid a lawsuit from Major League Baseball); and his best impression of a country lawyer. It also benefits from a classic flashback device, with everyone in deep, deep trouble before the opening credits, already having to defend themselves before an actual authority figure. Their explanation for why they owe over $1000 in parking fines starts as a story about a trip to a ballgame, and ends with secret, corpse-strewn Scooby Doo tunnels under Philadelphia, because the gang assumes that the judge — and the television audience — is getting bored with what really happened.

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