20 Best 'Game of Thrones' Episodes

From Blackwater to the Red Wedding, we count down the HBO fantasy epic's greatest hours

Helen Sloan13/20

13. "The Laws of Gods and Men" (Season 4, Episode 6)

Halfway between the jury-room jousting of 12 Angry Men and the "mad as hell" rant in Network lies the trial of Tyrion Lannister, the undisputed high point of this pivotal installment. Framed for his repulsive nephew Joffrey's murder, humiliated by how loved ones have turned on him and sick to death of a lifetime's worth of mockery, the Imp goes nuclear, screaming his righteous hatred at all the worthies of Westeros in a real showstopper from actor Peter Dinklage. The smallest of the Lannisters, it turns out, is a raging giant.

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