20 Best 'Game of Thrones' Episodes

From Blackwater to the Red Wedding, we count down the HBO fantasy epic's greatest hours

Helen Sloan/HBO2/20

2. "Kissed by Fire" (Season 3, Episode 5)

The perfect Game? Without a shocking death or spectacular battle, this Season Three deep cut might get overlooked — which would be a crime against the old gods and the new. Three star-crossed couples provided the high points: Arya begged her older friend/crush Gendry to stay with her, plaintively telling him "You could be my family." Arrogant Jaime Lannister let his guard (and clothes) down while bathing with his frenemy Brienne, revealing the secret of how he killed a king to save a city before passing out in her arms. And the red-headed, hot-blooded wildling Ygritte seduced Jon Snow with powerfully sexy directness: "I want you to see me — all of me." A jewel in the crown, this one.

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