12 Best Sitcoms Starring Stand-Ups

From 'Seinfeld' to 'Louie,' these are the shows that proved comics could make it on the small screen

12. 'The Bernie Mac Show' (2001-2006)

Though heavily influenced by Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx, the late Bernie Mac (born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough) utilized a much more serious comedic persona, honing his "take no shit" attitude while performing at Chicago dives that were filled with local street-gang members. That gruffness was utilized to excellent effect on this Fox show, in which he played a slightly fictionalized version of himself as a man who reluctantly takes in his sister's kids while she goes to rehab. While Mac took a "tough love" approach with the children, his emotional guard would drop during fourth wall-breaking interludes where he informed the audience (or "America," as he liked to address them) in no uncertain terms about what was really on his mind.