Stand-up comics and TV sitcoms aren't necessarily a perfect match by default; the television graveyard is thick with tombstones dedicated to stand-up/sitcom pairings that suffered from lousy material, repellent leads, or an inability or unwillingness to let the comedian really display his or her talents. But occasionally, just the right combination of a comedian's material or comfort zone and a TV show character (a beleaguered dad, a working-class mom, a New York everyschlub, a Watts-based junkman) find each other, and you get what call a classic "standcom" — a series that melds a persona and a premise to perfection.

So in honor of FX's peerless comedy Louie beginning its fifth season this evening, we're counting down the 12 best sitcoms starring stand-ups. From Redd Foxx to Roseanne, Mork to Seinfeld, these are the ones that still leave us in stitches.