10 Worst TV Spin-Offs

From 'Beverly Hill Buntz' to 'Brady Brides,' here are the creme de la crud of TV series sequels

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6. 'The Tortellis'

Remember Nick Tortelli, Carla's ne'er-do-well ex-husband from Cheers? What about his caricature of a  blonde-bimbo wife, Loretta? Wouldn't you want to watch them move to Las Vegas and see Nick open up a TV repair business? Wait, why are you running away, screaming? The first attempt to spin off a series from everyone's favorite show about a Boston bar was not the rousing success the producers had hoped for (they'd do much better with their second try), and as much as we love hangdog character actor Dan Hedaya, the cancelling of The Tortellis after 13 episodes felt like a mercy killing. By the time the characters reappeared on Cheers, everybody still knew their name but had blissfully forgotten their Sin City mishap.

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