10 TV Shows You Need to Be Watching in 2015

From British gangster thrillers to lone-wolf-cop dramas, these are the series you should be catching up with ASAP

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'No, You Shut Up' (Fusion)

Because you can't get enough of funny people dissecting the issues of the day, can you? Comedian and Mr. Show veteran Paul F. Tompkins puts his own singular spin on fake newscasts, debating hot-button issues with a panel of politically diverse puppets (we're fans of Christian conservative squirrel Star Schlessinger and the show's in-house libertarian recluse, Bigfoot) and putting celebrity guests through the ringer. Both the format and the host's mock-solemnity may be familiar to late-night TV viewers, but NYSU is less about parodying boob-tube blowhard spin cycles than giving Tompkins an excuse to peddle his particular brand of absurdity. If you've ever wanted to see Felicia Day read Ulysses while being pelted with marshmellows or watch a gaggle of hot dogs discuss Bill Cosby's current troubles, this is the faux-CNN show for you.

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