10 TV Shows You Need to Be Watching in 2015

From British gangster thrillers to lone-wolf-cop dramas, these are the series you should be catching up with ASAP

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'Broadchurch' (BBC America)

You may vaguely remember hearing about this British procedural involving a murder investigation in a small town, given that it was a huge critical hit and genuine phenomenon in the U.K.; you may even have caught a few episodes of its tepid American redo Gracepoint, in which former Dr. Who star David Tennant reprised his role as the head detective on the case. (If so, we're genuinely sorry for you.) But there's a good chance that the majority of viewers on this side of the pond actually haven't seen the original, which is a crime. The fire-and-ice chemistry between Tennant and his costar Olivia Colman is top shelf, and its second season's pivot from whodunnit to half-mystery/half-legal drama as a trial starts up could not be more deft. Head to Netflix stat, where it's first season is currently streaming, and dig in.

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