10 Times Jon Stewart Outdid Journalism

From Charleston to class warfare and ripping CNN a new one, this was the 'Daily Show' host at his best

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The War Against the Poor

The chasm between the have and have-nots in 2011 was continuing to widen when Warren Buffett, of all folks, suggested that billionaires were not being taxed enough — and some acted as if it was the equivalent to suggesting a hostile socialist takeover. Besides, why go after the "productive class" when the lazy, shiftless poor were the ones really responsible for our income inequality? Enter Stewart, who in his "World of Class Warfare" segment, went after those who kept gunning for the financially strapped. The host started by comparing the blasé response to Obama's "drop-in-the-bucket" proposed tax revenue to the conservative outrage over the lower price tags on keeping the NEA and NPR going. He then went after those who suggested that a family of four who made slightly over $22,000 a year would be fine, because according to Fox News, they live extravagant lives, i.e. many own a refrigerator. Few in the media were calling out those who'd divide society into "the makers and the takers" with such bite and bile. DF

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