10 Times Jon Stewart Outdid Journalism

From Charleston to class warfare and ripping CNN a new one, this was the 'Daily Show' host at his best

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Grilling Nancy Pelosi

It's a mistake to say that The Daily Show only went after the right. Exhibit A: Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's grilling on January 30, 2014, when the host pressed her on why those on the left sanctimoniously decried the corrupting influence of money in politics while still taking loads of lobbyist money. (A flustered but clueless Pelosi responded at one point, "I never could understand — and I should — why the public paints us with the same brush as the Republicans when it comes to special-interest money in Washington, D.C.") The extended interview is a terrific moment of Stewart giving some much-needed tough love to the Democrats, hammering the politician on the Administration's failure both to implement the Affordable Care Act smoothly and to position the party as the sane, intelligent alternative to their partisan counterparts. "The things that you’re in control of? Make them work," Steward instructed her sternly. "[The GOP has] so embarrassed themselves with their knuckleheads that the Democrats have an opportunity to establish themselves with much more authority than ever before." Pelosi agreed, but Stewart's reaction suggested he wasn’t sure she really heard him. TG

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