What the Bleep: 10 Memorable Moments in Sitcom Swearing

We look back at some of the landmark bad language and fuzzed-out f-bombs dropped over two decades of primetime comedies

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'Parks and Recreation' ('The Stakeout,' 2009)

Poor Ron Swanson: While his fellow Pawnee parks department colleagues are out busting pot farmers and indulging in romantic bliss, the show's gruff, mustachioed man's man is rendered immobile in his desk chair thanks to a hernia. Worse, it takes the office's resident misanthrope, April, hours to secure her dad's car keys so she can drive Ron to a hospital. She jingles the keys, asks whether he's ready for their trip, and the manliest man in all of Indiana declares, "I'm Ron Fucking Swanson!" You most certainly are, sir.

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