What the Bleep: 10 Memorable Moments in Sitcom Swearing

We look back at some of the landmark bad language and fuzzed-out f-bombs dropped over two decades of primetime comedies

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'Boy Meets World' ('The Happiest Show on Earth,' 1996)

When Cory gets busted for sneaking off to Disneyland to reunite with Topanga, he's told by his folks that he's in serious hot water, and is handed down a punishment to the tune of four whole weeks without social privilege. "Say what?" exclaims his younger sister Morgan; she then leaps down from the counter and wails, "A month?!? I got more the time I said [insert strung-out bleep]!" (Proceed directly to the 20:55 mark.) This, of course, promptly earned her another prolonged punishment, while no doubt inspiring double takes from ABC's flustered TGIF faithful.

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