10 Best 'SNL' Sketches, Season 42: From Trump to David S. Pumpkins

From Alec Baldwin's killer POTUS impersonation to a perfect 'Black Jeopardy' commentary – the highlights of the show's historic year

6. 'Republican Movie Trailer'

How better to call out the spineless GOP politicians who refused to stand up to President Trump than with a fake movie trailer? An action-filled thriller sets viewers up to think that finally, a brave conservative is willing to put partisan loyalty aside and do what's best for our ailing democracy – at which point an announcer notes that the hero of this particular blockbuster is "TBD." (His inspiring slogan that rallies all people, and his message that demonstrates he's a man who truly cares about the people of this nation? Also TBD.) It's a beautiful flipped bird to the Republicans who've become Trump's enablers. And on a personal note, thank you for giving Rolling Stone the quote that this movie "is definitely not about Paul Ryan."

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