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  • 'Homeland' Recap: Mission Unbearable

    'Homeland' Recap: Mission Unbearable | ARTICLE

    The acting director of the CIA has a plan. The first step: By publicly revealing that his protégée had an affair with a suspected terrorist during a bout of unmedicated bipolar disorder and having her involuntarily institutionalized...

    December 9, 2013 9:45 AM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: On the Borderline

    'Homeland' Recap: On the Borderline | ARTICLE

    Is it time to say "good night" to Homeland? That's the title of tonight's episode, and the trigger phrase that alerts the snipers accompanying Brody on his high-stakes mission into Iraq to open fire on anyone who's...

    December 1, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: In Too Deep

    'Homeland' Recap: In Too Deep | ARTICLE

    "If you keep yelling," Carrie Mathison says to her lover/nemesis Nicholas Brody, "this conversation is over." If the makers of Homeland had adopted that policy themselves, this would have been a very short episode. Actor Damian...

    November 24, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: Hey Man, Nice Shot

    'Homeland' Recap: Hey Man, Nice Shot | ARTICLE

    As a rule, rooting for the main character of the show you're watching to get shot is a pretty clear sign that something's gone really wrong with the show you're watching. But rules are meant to be...

    November 17, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: There Is No Dana

    'Homeland' Recap: There Is No Dana | ARTICLE

    If you're going to be faintly ridiculous, work that faint ridiculousness. That's the lesson Homeland appears to have learned, and I couldn't be happier. Well, okay, yeah, I'd be happier if Homeland were the truly great...

    November 10, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: Great Expectations

    'Homeland' Recap: Great Expectations | ARTICLE

    You know that moment in this week's installment of Homeland where Carrie Mathison takes off the polygraph equipment and ends her big "job interview" with terrorist mastermind Majid Javadi, and Javadi's all "What. Are. You. Doing?"...

    November 3, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's Class Act

    'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's Class Act | ARTICLE

    "Previously, on Homeland . . ." Hearing that simple phrase in the dulcet tones of Mandy Patinkin can make me as twitchy and shifty-eyed as Nick Brody after a video chat with Abu Nazir. I mean, okay,...

    October 27, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: Carrie That Weight

    'Homeland' Recap: Carrie That Weight | ARTICLE

    Whoa. Didn't see that coming! Honestly, I'm not sure how much I'm gonna have to say about "Game On," tonight's game-changing Homeland episode, since most of my notes got digitally tossed out the window during that final...

    October 20, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • Seven Ways to Save 'Homeland'

    Seven Ways to Save 'Homeland' | ARTICLE

    The Homeland is not secure. Three episodes into the series' third season, it's clear that it hasn't gotten back on track following its Season Two swerve off course, with plot holes, implausible character moments, and over-the-top Hollywoodisms marring...

    October 19, 2013 12:03 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: Leaning Tower

    'Homeland' Recap: Leaning Tower | ARTICLE

    There's a marvelous scene in "Tower of David," tonight's episode of Homeland, in which it all works. Awake from a drug-induced post-op haze, Nicholas Brody – wounded and on the run following his framing for the...

    October 13, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Recap: Commitment Issues

    'Homeland' Recap: Commitment Issues | ARTICLE

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. After a promising premiere that gave us a relatively restrained and relaxed hour in the company of its most compelling characters, Homeland yanked the needle off the record, stranding...

    October 6, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Season Premiere Recap: Rising from the Wreckage

    'Homeland' Season Premiere Recap: Rising from the Wreckage | ARTICLE

    Forget blood and oil: The liquid spilled most profusely by the conflicts at the heart of Homeland is ink. Its first season was rapturously received by critics (and audiences, and Emmy voters) for its nuanced take...

    September 29, 2013 10:05 PM ET
  • Damian Lewis: Brody Should Have Died on 'Homeland'

    Damian Lewis: Brody Should Have Died on 'Homeland' | ARTICLE

    Though Damian Lewis' Nicholas Brody and Claire Danes' Carrie Mathison get hot and heavy on Homeland, real life is quite different. In a new interview with Mens Journal, Lewis says he's clear about his...

    September 20, 2013 12:45 PM ET
  • Watch: 'Homeland' Season Three Trailer

    Watch: 'Homeland' Season Three Trailer | VIDEO

    The official trailer for the third season of Homeland expands upon the nearly audio-only first teaser trailer – barely. It opens in a secluded clearing in the woods, where CIA operative Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes)...

    August 9, 2013 2:23 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Star Claire Danes Gives Birth to Son

    'Homeland' Star Claire Danes Gives Birth to Son | ARTICLE

    Homeland star Claire Danes has given birth to a baby boy, Reuters reports. The baby, Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, is Danes' first with her husband, British actor Hugh Dancy.  The 10 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad...

    December 20, 2012 1:40 PM ET
  • Q&A: Beck's Book

    Q&A: Beck's Book | ARTICLE

    Since his last studio album, in 2008, Beck has entertained himself by confounding all expectations – from oddball one-off studio collaborations (with

    December 20, 2012 12:00 PM ET
  • 'Homeland' Finale Recap: Fool Me Once

    'Homeland' Finale Recap: Fool Me Once | ARTICLE

    Where do you even begin? Alphabetically by character, I suppose. Because yeah, for every one thing that worked in "The Choice," Homeland's woeful second season finale, there were three things that didn't. Yeah, my jaw dropped from the...

    December 17, 2012 7:30 AM ET
  • The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2

    The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2 | LIST

    How the mighty have fallen. Supervillain-style showdowns staged like something out of a bad first-person-shooter, plot twists you wouldn't buy if they were on sale, material so head-scratching that not even Emmy darlings Claire Danes and Damian...

    December 14, 2012 8:00 AM ET
  • 'Lincoln,' 'Silver Linings Playbook' Lead Screen Actors Guild Nominees

    'Lincoln,' 'Silver Linings Playbook' Lead Screen Actors Guild Nominees | ARTICLE

    Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook lead the nominees for the 19th iteration of the Screen Actors Guild Awards with four nods each, including Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Lincoln is also...

    December 12, 2012 11:05 AM ET
  • The Juiciest TV Hookups of 2012

    The Juiciest TV Hookups of 2012 | LIST

    Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part, as with the long-simmering attraction between The Vampire Diaries' Damon and Elena or Downton Abbey's  Anna and Mr. Bates. And sometimes they don't wait at all, like Stannis...

    December 10, 2012 2:55 PM ET