"Every time I perform out on the street, it is unique and funny in its own way. Every person is different, every person has a quirk or something that they bring, so it makes every day different."

Wesley was raised all over the world, and he believes it gave him a lifelong passion for music and people. He combines high-energy showmanship with down-to-earth charm, and that, plus his beachy-vibe sound, means there is always an affectionate crowd gathered 'round. He's currently booking tour dates to promote his latest album and to grow his fan base here and abroad.

You're likely to find Wesley in Little 5 Points or Centennial Olympic Park.


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Wesley Cook, Atlanta, GA Wesley Cook, Atlanta, GA Wesley Cook, Atlanta, GA
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his music saved my life. music is the language of life and Wesley speaks it fluently. thank you Wesley, things are not so HEAVY now!

  • -Bonnie

RAVE?He's a drivologist.See it in his eyes.He's a passionatist.He'd play 'til his fingers bled.He's a lyrist.His soul poured into every word.He's a harmonist.Listen.He's a laughologist.It's intoxicating.He's a dreamist...making his reality.He's the WESINATOR-part man,part awesome...MAWESOME.

  • -Roxanne

I feel very fortunate to have met Wesley Cook and become his friend. At least I can say I've been a fan since the very beginning when he becomes super famous ;-) His music is great and he knows how to put on a show! Wesley deserves this more than anyone!

Love, Your #1 Fan
Sumbul Babar :-)

  • -Sumbul

Everyone here in Atlanta is so blessed to hear Wes before he blows up...his music is so unique and poignant, a real addition to the music world and something for everyone to appreciate! Go Wes!!!!

  • -jessica

When you first hear Wesley play you immediately want more. His music, lyrics and heart pull you in, front and center. He is authentic on and off the stage. Watching and supporting him on his journey has and will continue to be an honor. Rock on Wesley!

Nanette, Ralee and Bridget

  • -Nanette

Having never been a fan of anything involving a guitar, I must say that listening to Wesley actually makes me reject that notion, as his music pierces the soul with each passing second. Good job Wesley and keep it going!

  • -Andre

Wesley's songwriting is insightful & thought provoking.An excellent & well-rounded performer who I am glad to know. His professional attitude & infectious smile are assets that some of his counterparts do not possess.
A star- a 5 STAR!

  • -Laura

Always talented, with a zest for life and his passion-music, Wesley would be the consummate awardee for this contest!

  • -Tom

Wesley is not only a talented musician, but a great humanitarian! Good luck Wesley!

  • -Scott

NO ONE deserves it more! I'm so proud of you Wesley!

  • -Kimberly

Ever since middle-school Wes has had compassion and commitment in everything he put his mind to. It's no surprise that he has tuned the heart-strings of many. From singing Nirvana on karaoke to easing the troubles of tornado victims Wes is a true artist at heart.

  • -Jacob

I met Wesley a couple years ago, he was an amazing young man and I've enjoy following him every since. Keep up the Great work!

  • -Yvonne

WESLEY’s music penetrates your ears then sticks in your head & doesn’t leave. Luckily, he COOKs a daily batch of mojo for all who come to feast. Please help yourself &get a hearty dose of Wesley. Click above, listen & enjoy the gluttony. Yummy in your head. Ya’ll come back!

  • -Katie

I have known Wesley Cook since High School, and he has a beautiful soul. I think this comes through in his music...I can't help but smile when I hear it! Good luck, Wes!

  • -Angela

Wesley, Great music and good job! Please tell your mom that her favorite Angie voted for you!

  • -Angela

I'm known Wesley since the beginning. I would have to admit, he has matured in songwriter in performance, and in himself. I've always thought a person with a huge heart and uplifting personality will always bring the best to the world. Thanks Wesley for making it all happen.


  • -Jeremy

Wesley, I love your sound and you truly have a special spirit with you as you perform! Wish you the best of luck and success!

  • -Christine

Wesley Cook is not only an amazing talent, but he is generous with his gift. His music makes you feel good, and his warm personality shines through in his giving nature. He has a lot of music in him. Everyone should have the pleasure of hearing him.


I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, and after the tornado on April 27th, some friends and I decided to put together a benefit concert to raise money for relief efforts. Wesley volunteered his services. His heart is always where it should be; he is an incredible artist and a tremendous human being.

  • -Richard


  • -Ahmed

Not only is Wesley an amazing artist, to top it all he is a genuine and down to earth guy who carries an awesome energy on and off the stage

  • -Bryan

I first befriended Wesley on Facebook Sept. 2009 and just met him in person at a venue on June 11, 2011 didn't realize what I was missing. To see him play and the way he interacts with the crowd really shows how this man is in touch with his fans. I look forward to being friend and filming him.

  • -Rick

I first saw Wesley perform in Athens three years ago. I thought he was great then. Now maybe he is even better. Go, Wes!

  • -JiMin

In my opinion, Wesley will be a big star. He sings well, is handsome, and plays the guitar beautifully. Hooray Wesley!!!

  • -ShinHye

Wesley enjoys his music so much that it makes you love his music even more. How many artists can say that?

  • -Liz

Wesley puts on a great show and you can tell he is having fun!!!

  • -John

Great musician and artist, hope the guy is very successful. Warm personality

  • -Jack

I remember Wesley Cook- a young kid, hustlin', bojanglin' and puttin' up posters for shows. I admired his spunk and youthful optimism. I invited him as a guest on my radio program. I told him that one day the world would know his songs.

Looks like he may be one step closer to proving me right.

  • -Paul

Wes' voice is what gets him noticed but it's his heart that keeps him in yours. Congrats, Wes for getting to where you are and wishing you all the best!

  • -Jenny

Wesley's music stylings reflect his wonder, appreciation, and curiosity of the world any everyone in it. Go be a part of one of his scheduled performances or, better yet, just hang out, relax, and bask in the warmth of his personality!

  • -Matthew

This guy has an amazing poetry about his soul that is revealed through his music, through his performance. Truly beautiful!

  • -Stefanie

Wesley is awesome! I love his high energy shows and I am lucky to call him a friend as well. His songs make you want to move your feet and his personality keeps you coming back for more! Love ya Wesley!

Kimberly James
CBM Records

  • -Kimberly

Wesley Cook is not just your average "guy with an acoustic guitar" that you find at your local bar. He actually puts soul into his performances. Wes engages his audiences. Instead of trying to avoid him he draws you in.


  • -Chris

Wesley is such a bro! His penchant for chill sounds is matched only by his desire to rock lighter and more generically than both of his idols (Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews)!

-Chad, Atlanta

  • -Chad

Dude! Wes Cook is one the best musicians out there! His personality is that of a true showman. He is a combination Bruce Springsteen and Carlos Santana! This man rocks, and deserves to win! Go Wes!

  • -Daniel

Wes rules! We love to watch him in person, but his sound is great too. And he composes great songs. Great talent!!!

  • -Jeungmin

Wes is such an excellent musician AND a charming guy. Hope he hits it big.

  • -Courtney

Wesley has Raw Talent. Not only is he an amazing artist but he is also an amazing person all around. Know one works harder and no one is more deserving.

  • -Alexis

Wes is not just an amazing artist he is a wonderful "Real" person. I love his music but what I love most of all is that he makes a point to keep in touch with his fans. He is such a great guy & I'm so proud to see him get this kind of attention. He deserves it!

  • -Jennifer

Wesley is one of the most hard-working and cordial musicians I've come to know. His passion for music and love for people is a winner!

  • -Christopher

Wesley is an amazing and genuine singer! Once you watch him perform its easy to understand why his fans and friends are so loyal. He never lets you down with his talent! Great job Wesley and best of luck!

  • -Roger

Wesley is an AMAZING and talented performer...and better yet, he's a really nice guy! ROCK ON, WESLEY!!!

  • -Deana

Wesley has an energy like none other, and his charisma & magnetic personality come through in his music!
-Jen K., Indiana

  • -Jennifer

I am a personal friend of Mr Cook's and I can tell you he gives it 110% everytime he plays. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him and you can just see how the crowd reacts to his energy. Catchy, Fun, Original and simply Wesley Cook...

  • -david

Some artist have great music and some have great energy, Wesley has both! He is genuine talent, I cant wait to see him on stage!

  • -PJ

R.A.V.E. RANDOM ACT of VAGABOND EXCELLENCE is spilling onto the streets in ATL with the amazing talent found in Wesley Cook. Just watching his keen ability to connect with passersby is the essence of humanity! Go Wesley, play & they will come. It's just that simple. (stadium applause & whistles)

  • -Deborah

Wesley is truly one of a kind. He is one of the nicest, more caring people I have ever met on this earth, and you can hear and feel it in his music. You can't help but be in a great mood when listening to him play, especially live. He is also one of the most dedicated musicians I have ever seen.

  • -Cynthia

I have enjoyed listening to Wes's music since his days at open mic night in Athens, GA at DT's Downunder. I have also caught his shows out on the road in Knoxville, TN and the crowd loves him where ever he goes. Best of luck Wes and keep rocking!!!

  • -David

Wes, you are a true talent. Best of luck!

  • -Rilee

You won't find a better musician than Wesley Cook! He is so down to earth, talented & spirited. His shows are always great and he has a way of reaching his audience that is not very common today. We here in Atlanta love our Wesley!

  • -Wendy

Wes, from the day I met you, I knew you were destined to greatness! Don't let me down, I've got 12 years riding on that belief! :)

  • -Darcey

Rock on Wesley!! The best out of the bunch

  • -Melissa




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