"I feel like performing on the street is my favorite arena to be heard. My heart will always lead me to my roots, and that's wandering around with my guitar."

Inspired by the cultural gumbo that is New Orleans, Sally is a self-proclaimed storyteller with an "old soul," who can be found most days in the French Quarter with his 1938 Regal archtop guitar, which he refers to as "Aunt Lydia." In terms of lifestyle, his is certainly on the eccentric side, but his voice and his sound are pure and melodic. He's a multicolored multi-instrumentalist claiming to "live, eat, breathe and die for music."

You're likely to find Salvatore on Frenchman Street or Royal Street.


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Salvatore Geloso, New Orleans, LA Salvatore Geloso, New Orleans, LA Salvatore Geloso, New Orleans, LA
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Sal, I'm so glad I've had the privelage to meet and get to know you. You're truly, genuinly talented and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Good luck, and mazel tov on making it this far!


  • -Rachel


  • -Lexi

I've been searching for an artist like this for AGES! His unique New Orleans sound brings a smile to my face. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND MORE OF HIM?!?

  • -Nora

Sal! I am so very happy for you! You've got this hands down! You have so much love and soul! I'll vote for you every chance I get. No one deserves it more than you do!
Lots of luck and love!

Kristin ( with the black and white dog Jersey)

  • -Kristin

"Don't worry....Be Happy"
Sal's music lifts my spirit and makes me smile!

Ms. Cynthia
Beaumont, Tx.

  • -Cynthia

We came to New Orleans hoping to find the "True Soul" of the city and what it offers. We came across Savatore playing in the streets and were drawn to his energy. We left the city later that week still talking about what we saw during and how that memory brought us what we came there for.

  • -Rick


  • -roseann

sal you are truly a great talent and a great peraon. love you lots cousin roseann xoxoxoxoxo

  • -roseann

Keep being yourself, it's a pleasure for everyone else ;)

  • -Natasha

Sal is the most rare and magical being in the universe. He's basically a unicorn. His voice and songwriting are as exquisite as his smile. I've never been so happy to have someone's song stuck in my head every day for a year.
(Darshana loves you!!!!!)

  • -Darshana

I've known Sal a long time and always knew he would make an impact with his amazing talent..he is an amazing musician and person. Luv ya sal!

  • -Nicole

Original. Raw. Authentic. Sal is what music has been missing.

  • -Justin

im your step dads friend BIG VINNIE remember you from pizzeria your thing love it.......goodluck

  • -vinnie

keep rockin. tea time loves you.
ted b.

  • -ted

keep rockin. tea time loves you.
ted b.

  • -ted

I discovered Sal walking home from a crappy job in NOLA. His music always comforted me on my walk home. Eventually, we became friends, because he was the only person who could understand my NY anger in the Big Easy. LOVE YOU SALLY!

  • -Monique

When Sal came to Boulder, Co., he simply took over Pearl St. Phenemonal talent...such a timeless appeal.

  • -Rich

Sal, i can't believe i opened up rolling stone and saw you in it. You sound and look amazing you buffalo soldier :) I voted for you and you are a winner already to me

Amanda Yera

  • -Amanda

S =Soulful
A =Authentic
L =Love and passion for music
V =Vicarious personality
A =Awesome melodic voice
T =Tremendous talent
O =Outrageously genuine
R =Raging imagination
E =Everyone's favorite

Ms. Cynthia
Beaumont, Tx.

  • -Cynthia

sal is a GEN-U-WINE-ly, BONA-FIDE, good hearted kind soul. He is representing the true spirit of a street musician, not only can he be found in New Orleans, you could probably spot him all over this wide country. I don't think i know anyone else who deserves this more than Sal.

  • -ZAN

Sal - I've put you on our Homeless Petting Zoo page on Facebook. Urging everyone to vote for you. What a talent. Keep you Dollie bottled up. Hope you make it Dude!

  • -Alan

Was in a hitchhiking ride and happen uppon Rollingstone. open it up and theres a very flatttering picture of you Sal. good luck, the others dont stand a chance .


  • -sam

An amazing and beautiful tallent you have been blessed with!! We are voting for you daily.

Love you! The Serjan's in WNC

  • -Danielle

I recently went to New Orleans to visit Sal, and to see the effect Sal and his music has on those around him truly touched my heart! Even as a child, Sal possessd that "standout" quality. You've always been a winner in my eyes!

Joanne, Sal's proud Mom!

  • -Joanne

Like Nina Simone or some other great black female jazz singer living vicariously through him, He has the old school soul and sound of the past, but the new sound the music world has long been waiting on!"
-Anna Gill, Mississippi

  • -Anna

Angelic, yet earthy, Sally adds his voice to the Sound Current and makes this world a better place.
Hear him!

  • -Tom

into the sea and straight to the moon sally! you got this!

  • -suzy

You're Godmother and cousins love you Sal and wish you all the best. We love you and you sound absolutely terrific!!!!! We are so proud
Angela, Louis, Bobby, and Anne

Anne and Bob are going to come see you soon
Love from Florida

  • -Louis

love,love,love his music..he's a

  • -Cynthia

love,love,love his voice and his individuality. He is a WINNER !!!!!

  • -Cynthia

Sal has already won. You either know it or you dont. dont be the last one to know.
-Noah Church

  • -Noah

Beautiful music from a beautiful person, Sal deserves all the best. Good luck man!

  • -Pilar

Visiting New Orleans for the first time, we heard Salvatore and his friend playing on the street and had to stop. THIS is real, raw music with layers. It sounds classically old, yet with a funky contemporary edge. We're taking this home-made CD we bought off of them home to Egypt!

  • -Maha

Sal happens to be an AMAZING cousin, plus, he has sang for me and my family in our house a couple of times. Not only is he an AMAZING singer, but he has such a great personality and outlook on life, so let's hope Sal wins this!~ We are rooting for you!

- Katie

  • -Katie

love this guy. read about him in a newspaper a couple weeks ago and something told me to remember that name. looked him up and became fascinated. heres a cool video. hope he wins.

  • -gerardo

Sal is simply one of the most talented and intriguing musicians I've ever been blessed to play with. His songwriting and personality will blow you away to another world.

  • -kyle

When I first met Sal I was playing a gig at a small club in brooklyn. He is a friend of a small but amazing community of unheard artist's who can find home almost anywhere as long as they are moving.
Victor Masters

  • -Victor

Sounding awesome as usual, Sal! Joannah

  • -joannah

I have known Sal for 10 years and he has always been respectful and pleasant to talk to. Despite his wardrobe and the fact he cant seem to fine two color socks that match, his love for music and his dedication to his work I know will bring him to get heights.

  • -Jim

Love you Sal! Knew you'd rock this competition!

  • -Tiara

Voting for Sal everday. Got family and friends doing the same. He is SURE to win!!!!!!!!!

  • -cynthia

I heard all the music from all his competitors and when I finally heard him sing with a sound so unique and different, I knew...That's the one I want to WIN this contest! LOVE the green polish on your fingernails, Sal! FINALLY a singer not afraid to be different!

  • -Catherine

sally is a ggod kid with a heart of gold i hope he wins cause he needs it...


  • -Chris

Sal is AWESOME!!! His smile is contagious and his music makes me happy.

  • -Cynthia

saw Sal interview and perform for rolling stone may, 2011 and fell in love with his music. It's what I call "happy music". He's awesome! I would love to know how to purchase a c.d.

  • -Cynthia

Sal is my cousin and also like myself a singer. He is a role model when it comes to music. His devotion and passion for music will get him very far in this world. Good luck Sal! we love you

  • -Theresa

As someone who's lived with Sal for a short time, traveled with Sal for a good amount of time, and made music with him for what seemed like forever at times, I can't express completely the beauty of his soul. You've earned this Sal!!!

  • -James

This guy's better than everyone else in this competition. No contest. I don't even know what's going on here... Came here because I know one of the other contestants, and voted for this guy because he's better. Good work, Salvatore!

  • -Blake

I used to pass Sal all the time when he would play in Washington Square Park in the summer. He always made me so happy, singing Pallet On Your Floor and so many of my favorite songs. One day I walked into the Rod & Gun and he was there! We apparently have mutual friends. Go Sal!

  • -Eve

When I give birth I want Salvatore Geloso's shining voice to be the first noise my slimy baby hears.

I love you, Sally!

  • -Chris

have know sal for a long time and everytime we chill its always an experience. i remember going to the flea market with sal and dustin and spending hours there just laughing great times hope you win buddy you deserve it

  • -kyle

I've been a lot of places with Sal, from New Orleans to New Mexico, and from New York to Seattle. He generates happiness everywhere he goes... He's a great friend and musician.

  • -Harlan

Sal is a beautifully talented individual. He's gifted with a charm and spirit like no other. He sings with all his humanity.

  • -Louie

A truly talented and amazing young man. He has traveled far and wide across the US playing his music only for the love and passion for performing.

  • -John

I went to fullsail and had many times with this kid! i remember when he first hit the road and it just all felt right! It's been awhile buddy but it was good to see you in Austin last year! I know you will win. - CJ

  • -Cj

Sal is pure genius!! He picks up the guitar and sings with a voice from heaven. His lyrics bring us to a place that only he can invent with his music and imagination. Love you and hope you win Sal!

  • -Ginny

If I was a musician born, Salvatore was the conception, the womb, the bloody and violent passage, and ultimately the beautiful voice urging me never to give up.

  • -Switch

So much talent, so much individuality!

  • -Steve

I remember back in high school when I first heard Sal sing. He was, honestly one of the best singers I have heard. His voice is so unique and to see him transform and grow into the artist he is now is awe inspiring. Good luck Sal :)

  • -Annette

I've traveled many lands with Sal, and he's taught me a lot and continually played electrifying music on every coast. Way to go SALLY.


  • -Paddington

I've knew Sal when we were in junior high together, and he had a passion for music back then. Glad to see he's following out his life long dream!

  • -Katie

sal is my cousin, and ive heard him two or three times play and sing in my house. hes got a great voice and even more important hes a great personnn vote for him!


  • -joe

Sal's sound is electrifying. He can capture a crowd wherever he goes and always draws a wide variety of music listeners. I've watched Sal's style develop over years and it seems he is constantly bringing in unique elements to his already original sound.

  • -Tiara

I saw Sal play on a Brooklyn rooftop in the rain at a small private party. When he started singing, there were only 6 of us out there, but by the time he started his third song, the crowd had swelled to thirty, packed onto a small roof in the cold wet night. His music kept us warm.

  • -Heidi

You wound up on Rolling Stones, Sal? This is a long way from a campfire in the middle of the woods. Fantastic. You're beautiful.

  • -Stacy

Sal from New Orleans has such a fresh kick on music and is so different from any of the other performers. He is extremely captivating and I would love to hear more of his unusual/kooky music!! Go Sal!

  • -allie




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