"The good part about street performing is you have the freedom to play what you love to play and get people's reactions. The downfall is sometimes you get cops that come up and bother you for playing music. I don't know why it's like that."

Invited to choose an instrument by his grandfather-who was a classical cellist and conductor-Kaliq picked up the clarinet and embraced jazz as his genre after hearing a certain "Bird" in high school. He believes one day he might "meet the right person" who could help get him to the next level in his career, and he maintains a goal to one day perform internationally.

You're likely to find Kaliq on the corner of Michigan Avenue & Ohio Avenue or at the Jackson stop on the Blue Line L Train.


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Kaliq Woods, Chicago, IL Kaliq Woods, Chicago, IL Kaliq Woods, Chicago, IL
Sean Murphy Sam Rodriguez


Omg I played the clarinet in school & I have NEVER seen anyone do THAT! I LOVE IT! Great job & good luck!!!

  • -Erica

I met Kaliq jammin' in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, and my 14 year old son and I were so blown away that we purchased his CD on the spot. We're from Austin and the standards for live music are high, but Kaliq could hold his own with the best cats in town.

  • -Sean

Be blessed keep playing --Make a joyful noise! Psalm 100:1

  • -Nicole

You are Benny Goodman of the street. You deserve to be famous and record with the greatest jazz musicians. Greetings from Poland.

  • -Maciej

Kaliq played @ the Masten Jazz Festival in Buff,NY and was awesome.He is nice,talented and humble.My family I enjoyed hosting him.Best wishes to him.We hope you & Mario, etc will come back to Buffalo soon! Amber,Dawn,Henry, Madelyn,Kaleb,Truly,Gail & James "Pappy" Martin

  • -Amber

Ok we started playing together in high school.... i guess he's a little better than me now.... j/k! WAAAAAAYYYYY better!!!! Good Stuff Kaliq!!!

  • -Aja

When Kaliq comes to B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted and plays with Rodney Brown and Hot Rod-it is always a special night! Best to you Kaliq!!!

  • -Gail

i am glad my boy made it this is cool .i would have liked to be there with him but i do hip hop so they didnt pick me.But they definetly pick one of the best from chicago,,,,,keep pushin fam.....redline

  • -solow

went to Chi-town with my x and 2 daughters.
Heard this amazing player. Told him I was a bass player and we talked a bit. He's got the chops, all he needs is a deal! this cat can blow!

  • -zcat

Kaliq is bar none, the best clarinet player I know!

  • -JERRY

I fly to Chicago from Amsterdam once every year to see the Cubs play. Next year I fly to Chicago to see Kaliq play! Kaliq you're the best!

  • -Erwin

First saw Kaliq perform at the now close Velvet Lounge in Chicago. The young man is definitely a force to be reckoned with. --John

  • -John

I THINK YOU ARE SO TALENTED..the best man i have ever heard play an instrument like that.. awesome job man!!:)

  • -makaila

Kaliq Woods is an incredible talent. I had the honor of hearing him play in New Orleans. He brought the Jazz from the Windy City to the Big Easy. What a delightful fusion!

  • -Melisa

I was visiting Chicago from Houston, TX. THIS DUDE IS AMAZING. I saw him twice while walking around in two days and I was just captivated both times. He really has talent and deserves an opportunity to share it with a larger audience.

  • -Lauren

I watch him go from squeaky to the cleanest sounding jazz musician.

  • -Ayinde

Kaliq is a truly gifted musician - you rock Kaliq!


  • -Joanne

If y'all think a clarinet isn't funky then you've never seen this man play!! Live on the streets of Chicago, New Orleans, in a club or recorded he is something ya just HAVE to experience!!

  • -Shannon

Kaliq is an incrediblly gifted artist, besides an amazing human being, I am a big fan of anyone who pursue it's dreams with integrity and honesty, kaliq is the guy!

  • -Edilson

A phenomenal talent that's only gotten better with time. He deserves this opportunity.

  • -Derrick

Kaliq... is one of the best street performers in Chicago! I have seen and heard him play many times. All he needs is that one big break and he will fly high!! Give him that break. He's not on the streets selling drugs or stealing!

  • -Leroy

Kaliq is the man! Love what he's doing.

  • -Dave




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