"I literally wake up and do music every day. And street performing lets me see what works and doesn't work with crowds. Being able to pull in a crowd and interact with them-it's just a great thing."

Charles also goes by the moniker The Dime Store Novelist and has perfected a method of playing with his guitar that is commonly referred to as "air tapping." It's a rich, sometimes haunting, unusual composite sound that attracts the curious and the connoisseurs alike. He understands that the "journey as a musician can be crazy," but is positive that persistence, hard work and good original songwriting will bring him success.

You're likely to find Charles on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica or on Hollywood Boulevard.


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Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA
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These contestants were very impressive.Carly is certainly a very talented young lady,Salvatore is a charismatic musician,and Wesley is a masterful guitar player,but the originality and ability displayed by Charles Rangel is unequaled.He should have a chance to perform in Austin.

  • -Dorothe

If you haven't checked out Charles, you are missing a TRUE talent. I look forward to seeing Charles at The Rock Room.


  • -Joe

If you play guitar, or not Charles music has it all!

  • -Rob

Great talent, someone who is as talented as Charles deserves this break.

Bought him a beer a couple months ago in front of Ballys in Vegas and he was truly grateful and was not demanding or expected it.

  • -Shaun

I saw Charles on the strip in Vegas and was amazed by the sound and his style of playing.I wish you all the best and think you will go far.Dan and Jules from Canada. Love the cd!

  • -Dan

Have listened to all four finalists and Charles is hands down my favorite. Watching his videos makes me want to fly down to LA so i can see him live. He truly is talented and he shows that you do not need words to make great music. Good Luck Charles and i truly hope you win.

  • -Fatima

I love you!
- R

  • -anonymous

I've known Charles since he was 10 years old. I have watched him grow as a musician to incredible levels. He deserves to win!

  • -Cliff

Charles is an awesome guitar instructor. He was mine for about a year. He was really patient and when i needed help, he didn't give it a second thought. He deserves to win! Good luck Charles!!!
- Jakob Castaneda

  • -Jakob

Charles is awesome! He taught my son Jakob how to play the guitar. He was very patient and professional with him. His music is amazing too! Vote for Charles! He deserves to win!
Bernadette Castaneda

  • -Bernadette

Im so proud of Chas for going out everyday & living his dream! With the ups & downs in life he's the person I think of when I want to throw in the towel & quit; he's a reminder that if I believe in myself anything is possible. He's an amazing musician & awesome friend. Thanks Chas! -Yvonne

  • -Yvonne

Met Charles in Vegas and was blown away by his performance...this guy has an amazing talent and he is my #1 choice to win.

  • -Dave

I saw Charles in Vegas performing on the Strip and he was absolutely amazing. I was completely blown away by his incredible talent. :) It seemed like there was always a crowd gathered around him. Good Luck Charles! I hope you go far!

  • -Lisa

It is SO refreshing to see someone who is genuinely in love with music. When it seems like "music" has become more of an act rather than notes, instruments and singing, an artist like Charles comes through and renews our faith.

  • -Sarah

Saw him in Las Vegas and bought the CD. He has a lot going for him.

  • -Becky

I listened and watched each of the street to stage artists...and Charles was my favorite. A true talent!

  • -andrea

My god that was beautiful! He is really talented! Good Luck!

  • -Erica

I got to see him in Vegas and I had to stop and listen!!! Its one of those things... the talent.. It makes you want to listen. You cant help it. I had to stop and take a picture with him so I would remember the moment..the music.. the street sounds all at once.. AMAZING..

  • -Jordyn

If you see him on the street, STOP AND LISTEN. He's incredibly talented. He created a musical holiday from the hustle & bustle of the Vegas strip!

  • -Jenn

we saw charles at the Santa Monica Pier the other night. The music was so captivating. Both my mother and I stopped to listen, and we hardly agree on anything!

  • -staci

I heard him playing in Santa Monica today. Though I didn't hear very much, it was quite soulful in just the right way. Best of luck, Charles! Thanks for letting me pose with your phone. : ]

  • -Lauren

He was completely captivating. Great musicality and very dedicated. Loved seeing him on the vegas strip!

  • -Jacqui

Charles Rangel is the man! Saw him playing down by Santa Monica last week, it was pure. Felt good to watch him play and listening to each note was a pleasure. Just uploaded the video, too. Keep rocking, Charles, this competition is yours. Love your stuff.

- Jotham (Your Canadian Friend)

  • -Jotham

Charles u are awesome and i love your style u make it yours i want to see u on vh1 n mtv asap because i love the way u perform and i will deff be at your first nj show <3 ILOVEYOU

  • -Jenna

Charles, From the second I heard you play I wanted to stay. It was so peaceful. Even the way you play is peaceful and humble. You will do amazing in your competition.

  • -Anonymus

We saw Charles on the Hollywood walk of fame the other night and he is an amazing guitar player. His style is so unique.

  • -Kathy

This Dude it the Shizznit!!!
Talk about catchy creativity!!!
Homeboys got it down and his band kicks A$$! The Ear Candy taste amaZING!
He's got the passion, drive and skill to go far!
Make sure you wear your shoes tight cuz he'll blow your socks off!!!!

  • -Leland

It's not often I get so surprised by something beautiful that it takes my breath away. That kind of dedication to the music and the craft shows in ways that are hard to describe, but easy to recognize once you've heard it.

Extraordinary, Charles!


  • -Amber

I met Charles tonight in Hollywood. An acoustic guitar laid across his lap and he played in the most unusual way: beating, plucking, strumming. Stuck around to listen; watch. Later he introduced himself. Cute! Not only did he have groove, but he had charm! :) Hope to see more of him.

  • -"Jonesy" (Roberta)

Hi Charles Rangel, you are a great performer. You had me at the sound of your music. Then I saw you and thought WOW. Thanks for doing this Sprint, it's AWSOME. NERDOTV

  • -Scott

I've had the good fortune to see Charles play on more than one occasion, and can tell you he's a major star in the making.

  • -Homeless

Ocean waves, sand between your toes & the sweet music Charles plays like no one else :) What a combination!! Simply mesmerizing God given talent...

  • -Beverly

Charles plays his guitar so beautifully. His music captivates you, go see him in Venice Beach!!

  • -Victoria

I just returned from Venice Beach, CA where I saw Charles Rangel performing live. His music is amazing! The sounds he creates as plucks, flicks and thumps his guitar are musical genius. It has a jazzy, ethereal feeling that is beyond description. You have to listen - and feel - his music.

  • -Scott

Mr. Rangel is a talented dude with a cool style. Seeing him on the Vegas strip, you can't help but stop. :)

  • -Allison

Charles has an undying love & passion for music. Since he was a little boy, he has craved being up on that stage performing in the spotlight!With his musical gift and his unending drive I know he will go far! God Bless you Chas! Keep on playing!!!! :D

  • -Kathrine

Dedication, hard work, passion, integrity. That's what it takes to have Chas has. Totally bad A** keep it up man we are all pulling for you. -LUKE

  • -JO

One of my favorite artists. His voice alone is an instrument and he plays such unique ones with it. So much talent in him!

  • -Katie

Chas is like fish to water when it comes to music. He eats, sleeps, dreams, music. He is an amazing artist and I am proud of him. The rest of the family is proud too :)

  • -Mike

This guy can tear it up! He is so down to earth, too. Just don't ask him to play the baritone sax.

  • -Phillip

I literally see this guy on the boulevard everyday, in the blazing heat of Las Vegas, sweating out his passion. Within one sentence with the guy you know that he's there for the music, and the music alone.

  • -Samantha

i love hiim hes so good with the guitar kepp playing

  • -makaila

Just walking the streets of Las Vegas and i hear Charles unusual guitar Tapping. I had to stop and listen. He is very talented and deserves to win, especially with this unique style of playing.

  • -Carolyn

This guy is amazing!

  • -Regina

You can feel the passion and dedication Charles puts into performing. He has left an indelible footprint on the SoCal music scene, and very few have ever come close to matching the creativity and originality he brings to his craft. If this was based on dedication alone, he'd have already won.

  • -Mark

Went to high school with Chas. He's always been musically ambitious. Aside from being a fantastic musician, he's also a great guy and friend.

  • -Justin

I saw Charles in Vegas back in February, and was totally blown away! He was playing on the Strip in front of Ballys, and was probably the most talent I saw all evening long, including the performers playing at the casinos. Could have stayed and listened to him all night!

  • -Carl

i have known this young man for a number of years, ive watched him grow and watched him grow in his music. charles deserves this he has worked very hard, love his music

  • -kevin

This guy is awesome! You need to see his website too.

  • -Christopher

This dude is amazing! He's talented, smart, dedicated and passionate about his music. I love listening to him play or just talking to him.
I know it would be a dream come true if he wins this competition! <3

  • -Missy

He reminds me of Pete Townsend!

  • -Michael

Charles is the man! He's got what it takes. ~ Jon Barnes

  • -Jon

Don't know anyone who deserves this more than Charles! The Dime Store Novelist rocks!

  • -Mindy

He's like a young Keller Williams. Super cool. Give me more!

  • -Dana




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