CAROLINE JOY San Francisco, CA

"Performing on the street - it's a very pure form of performance. Everyone's equal. Nobody has to pay to listen to you perform. And you learn a lot about yourself as a musician."

CJ has been playing the ukulele and writing songs seriously since 2008 and says that the instrument "changed my life." Her mom taught her and her sisters how to sing, and she's been harmonizing with them since she could carry a tune. Partial to playing in San Francisco's BART stations, she might be forced to split her time soon between two passions: busking and advocating for social-justice causes, as she just passed the bar exam and is now a licensed attorney.

You're likely to find CJ in Fisherman's Wharf or in BART stations across the city.


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Caroline Joy, San Francisco, CA Caroline Joy, San Francisco, CA Caroline Joy, San Francisco, CA
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A beautiful voice and fantastic hair! What more could you ask for from a rock star?

  • -Brian

She is something else, this one. She lives and breathes music and has an infectious spirit about her when performs. Playing on the street has been one of her favorite venues since she started, and she definitely has the right pipes and positive attitude to do it well. I love you CJ!

  • -Lauren

Beautiful voice. CJ reminds me a lot of a younger Joni Mitchell.

  • -Michael

Love you CJ. You are beautiful to watch perform. You touch me every time.

  • -Kathleen

have been a fan of cj's since hearing her at a local cafe in san francisco, and want her to win this contest - she deserves it!

  • -benny

OMG..shes so talented I LOVE HER the best yet

  • -makaila

C.J. has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. I am not a fan of the ukelele, but C.J. plays it so well that I can't help but love it.

  • -Jen

Two words: Happy Badass!

  • -Raquella

She is an amazing person and musician. I can't say enough about how great her shows are, and I am not typically into her type of music. This young lady has a long career ahead of her, check her out!

  • -Jake

The world needs the music of Caroline Joy. She has the ability to touch our hearts, and awaken our selves and our creativity, through her talented voice and musical abilities. She is fresh, new, different, and everything wonderful!

  • -Havilah

Carloline's music is truly captivating. Her pure and distinctive voice gets your attention and her lyrics keep you listening. Her music is intelligent, relatable, and wonderfully charming. Such a joy!

  • -Shawnee

I've seen C.J. knock the socks off a number of awestruck audiences. She's going places.

  • -Casey

A standout voice and a commitment to authenticity -- CJ is the real deal.

  • -Brad

C.J has a great voice and a unique sound. I like her creativity in the songs she is singing. I am proud of her.


  • -Danielle

CJ, as most of us know her, ROCKS the UKE! Her unusual voice, paired with her unusual instrument, create a sound you've never heard before! Watch her videos on YouTube or Facebook, and if you're not convinced that she's the most talented artist in the contest, then maybe you don't deserve to vote!

  • -Jenee

Since I first heard Caroline Joy I knew she was one of a kind. Her unique voice has me secretly stalking her on YouTube, as I wait petulantly for her next posted song!

  • -Michelle




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