"Performing on the street is a lot of fun and worth it, even in places where you don't make a lot of money, because you can really practice and you can really listen to the acoustics and develop as a musician."

Carly's is a strong and passionate voice that bounces off the walls of downtown Seattle. Although she was accepted to Berkeley in the hopes of pursuing a music career, the singer/songwriter found it too expensive. And so emerged her industrious side: she bought books, did research online and learned how to build her own recording studio. For Carly, the best days are when random passersby join in on her performances.

You're likely to find Carly at Pacific Place or Pike Place.


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Carly Calbero, Seattle, WA Carly Calbero, Seattle, WA Carly Calbero, Seattle, WA
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Win or lose, this is only the beggining for Carly. Her drive, determination, and passion for her music is gonna take her where she wants to go! I'm so proud of you!

  • -Nika

Music is a universal language. Anyone who has a gift for it, as Carly does, is blessed and so admired and appreciated. As one who had the opportunity to work with Carly MANY YEARS AGO, I could not be more proud nor happy for her. Congratulations, Carly, God bless, and best wishes!
Mr. S

  • -John

We will be hearing alot from "CC"..

Her voice compliments her Guitar work...she needs a Band backing her and she will become main stream if she doecnt become Management bands...

  • -Brian aka Brat

You can't describe her voice, and you can't explain her passion. You hear her, and you KNOW she is the best.

  • -Kirstie

Carly Ann, you were born for this moment!

  • -Miki

You can do this!

  • -Cedric

I listened to Carly at Pike Market and she has an absolutely amazing voice! I have both of her cds and I must say she is absolutely wonderful to listen to! Hope you win Carly!

  • -John

My family just vacationed in Seattle. We watched Carly perform at Pike Street Market. My 5 year old son did not want to leave!

  • -Jim

I have never been so utterly astounded and impressed by any streen performer but Carly. She's fantastic, heard her voice and jammin guitar clear across Pike Place and had to follow it. Mesmerizing and haunting. Bought both her CD's within seconds.

You'll make it Carly.

  • -Paige

Carly is an old soul who is true to her performance. She doesn't pretend to be someone else, she brings her own style and vocals to the stage and wraps you up in her heartfelt melodies. I should know, I'm the owner of Sojen Cellars who has supported her from the start !

  • -Max

Carly is, in one word, fabulous. Her talent is raw, and real - and she's worked super hard to get to this point. She definitely deserves to win this! :D

  • -Emily

Carly is an exceptional young performer. I was astounded to hear such a wonderful voice playing the guitar outside the market in Seattle. She has a future on stage!
Go Carly!!!

  • -Lorrie

I think Carley is constantly working. I ran accross her singing to an empty space once. She said she was using the down time to perfect her performance. I have no proof she sleeps... Her voice seems moves across downtown. I hear her it often and smile.

  • -Michael

Carly is amazing, straight up. Her voice is indescribable, and her talent is out of this world. She deserves this, she is the one who will win.

  • -Kirstie


  • -Miki

I followed the voice and came across Carly - what a thrill. By far Carly is the best voice I have ever heard on the streets of Seattle. I never speak to street musicians, but felt compelled to acknowledge her and learned about this contest. Go Carly!

  • -Wendy

We experienced Carly's music at Pike Place Market....she has a beautiful tone to her voice, and transmits deep emotion when she sings. Doing her own music and not just covers. Carly is a real talenet!

  • -Karen

I've never come to a dead stop in all of my years of hearing music on the street. I couldn't believe my ears. She is an amazing artist and I was pleased to have the opportunity to hear her. It made our last day in Seattle that much sweeter. She has my vote!

  • -Jenny

My 2.5 yr old is used to street musicians - we live downtown Seattle. But he was mesmerized by Carly, wanting to watch and dance while she played "Use Somebody". Carly's voice is haunting in the best ways, and I got chills on this warm sunny day. I truly hope she makes it to Austin!

  • -Ann

I wish I had the talent and drive that Carly Calbero has shown, She seem's to do it all on her own with great discipline ! I agree with some other's that say, She bring's little tears to my eye's when I hear her Sing and play as all good music has to me.

  • -Roger

We are so excited to host Carly as a musical guest on our stage at Sojen Cellars. You are amazing Carly !!

  • -Max

The first time I heard Carly sing I got tears in my eyes. That was many years ago when she was in grade school. She still brings tears of joy when I hear her sing! Barb

  • -Barbara

I've seen Carly playing around Seattle streets and yesterday I picked up her EP The Outlining. I've been listening to it non-stop - at home, in my car, on my iPod out on walks. The mature lyrics, her strong voice, her original sound ... I've been needing some new inspiring music and this is IT!

  • -Micah

Carly began singing at a very young age. It doesnt sound like anyone else. She has her own strong voice. Unique. Amazing! We and many others are proud of her accomplishments! You CAN do this!

  • -Miki

Carly and I went to school together, I remember the first time I heard her sing, for our school assembly. She took my breath away. Everytime she would start to sing I would get instant chills! I knew she was definitely going somewhere. Go Carly You Deserve It! :)
-Stephanie Exendine

  • -stephanie

I've been singing for years now. Carly is the real thing! There is a unique quality in her voice, which comes out of her tiny body! Go get 'em Carly!!

  • -Michelle

I have listened to Carly for several years now, and can honestly say that her voice is more enchanting today than ever! Carly works tirelessly to improve her performance and the final results show just how much effort she has put into being great!

Seattle loves you Carly

  • -Michael

Carley WORKS HARD!!! She was in the tunnel in her jeans and flannel when I was in my overcoat in January. It's her heart that we hear. I sometimes hear her strong voice moving across the downtown streets from some distant corner. I smile and board the train. I'm lucky.

  • -Michael

WOW carly you are so amazing i would so vote for her she is my personal fave way to go girl you are one of a kind!!

  • -makaila

Carly, has a beautiful voice and quite distinctive and always on pitch :-) (That's for Randy). I don't have her cd's yet, but I have been listening on her fb page, homepage and on yourtube, she is excellent!

  • -Jose

Carly, you touch my heart. Such pure vocals, unhindered by formulaic production pointers you may have gotten at Berklee! And you know how to wield that axe. Sing on, Play on, Write on, Record on...none of us matter, do YOUR thing!!

  • -Temple

A little dynamo with a powerhouse voice that's distinctive and head turning. Forget about her age, she's been playing the Northwest for years (since even before her days in MyFriendBob)and just gets better. Hear her once and you're hooked.

  • -Ric

Carly has as voice that is far beyond her years! Her lyrics are meaningful and her voice is soulful. She is definitely going places!

  • -Nika

I know talent when I see it. And she's got it in spades. Fortunate enough to hear her and buy a CD during a "private concert" in the bus tunnel before she's "discovered" :)

  • -Larry

I 've watched Carly grow as a musician from her days in our church. When she did a solo of her song "Soldiers on the front lines", I new that she had the stuff! I hope the world embraces her, If they don't shame on the world. Mike S

  • -Michael

I knew Carly when she was a pre-teen and even then she was a determined young woman with imense talent. I hope people stop and take notice of her.

  • -Rebecca

Carly is a gifted young woman that engages the culture through her music. She has a relentless passion to sing with all her heart. I am so proud of you Carly!

  • -Sonja

I've heard Carly sing a handful of times but everytime I hear her I'm ALWAYS blown away. She is young, skilled and destined for greatness, one way or another.

  • -Haylee

Carly played at STM last year & by her second song I had several award winning blues artists come up asking questions. Later I asked how she does what she does & she said in typical no-ego Carly fashion "I spend a lot of time with my music" – so true. What a privilege to watch her perform!

  • -Jon

Carly is an extremely rare talent. The perfect combination of unforgettable voice, expert musicianship, and exceptional songwriting skills. She is going to be very famous ... very soon!

  • -Bill

Carly is a one of a kind! To hear sing other people songs is like listening to a whole new one. I have a CD of hers and wow she has some pretty amazing talent!

  • -Nichole

Ive seen my share of street muscians but on first listenning i knew i was standing befor a rare soul.Rain,snow and sleet dont impair this kid.If anything can make it shine in the Rainy City it's Mighty Mouse.

  • -michael




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