Charles Rangel - Los Angeles, CA Carly Calbero - Seattle, WA Wesley Cook - Atlanta, GA Salvatore Geloso - New Orleans, LA

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The Southern California native blew people away in Hollywood, Venice Beach and Santa Monica with his original and soulful “air tapping” guitar method. His persistence, dedication and sheer joy in bringing his music to people shone through from the early days of the competition. Charles, who also goes by the moniker The Dime Store Novelist says, “I’m going to continue to do what I do, play music every day. This competition motivated me to work harder than I thought was possible.”

Charles will get the opportunity to bring his laid-back grooves and harmonies to the Rolling Stone Rock Room stage in Austin, TX at one of the biggest festivals in the country. Until then, Charles is looking forward to making another album and continuing to share his music with those lucky strangers on the streets of California.

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Street performers bring music into our lives every day for pocket change, but rarely, if ever, get the recognition that their talent deserves. Rolling Stone and Sprint launched the program to showcase these unsung heroes, and to help get one to the stage:  The winner will perform at the Rolling Stone Rock Room in Austin, TX in March 2012.

The competition was built around the spontaneous sense of community that comes from gathering around an amazing performer. Via online and mobile voting, texting and QR codes, the program generated a digital community of fans who took action, uploaded their own content, voted and shared to their social networks, all to support their favorite.

So after three months of voting, we had our street to stage champ: the inimitable Charles Rangel.


  • Charles Rangelwinner
  • Carly Calberofinalist_eliminated
  • Wesley Cookfinalist_eliminated
  • Salvatore Gelosofinalist_eliminated
  • Caroline Joyeliminated
  • Kaliq Woodseliminated
  • Lauren Walleyeliminated
  • Jeff Humphreyeliminated
Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA Charles Rangel, Los Angeles, CA
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