Controversy in sports is nothing new, but in 2015, the scandals somehow seemed supersized. From the corruption charges that shook soccer's governing body to the seriously stupid "Deflategate" saga that dominated headlines for an entire year, there wasn't a story we could not conflate into a global crisis – though, in some cases, they actually warranted that level of concern.

And, sure, it is entirely possible that we take sports too seriously, but the issues at the heart of many of these controversies – domestic violence, unrestrained greed, racism, etc. – are the very same ones we deal with on a daily basis, which suggests that, if anything, sports have become a microcosm of our increasingly complex world. And how we react to each and every one of them says a lot about who we are, both as individuals and a society. Or maybe we're just sick of all those daily fantasy commercials.

So what better way to close the book on a year that educated us on the science behind PSI and introduced us all to a bearded cat enthusiast named Chuck Blazer than with a look back at the controversies that went way beyond the field of play – and into the realm of the absurd. These are the biggest sports scandals of 2015.