20 Best Lists of 2015

From ranked NBA logos and Lil Wayne mixtapes to the year in mass shootings

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Best States for Gun Owners 2015
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Best States for Gun Owners 2015

Gun control remained a divisive, volatile issue this year, the debate fueled by the seemingly endless amounts of mass shootings that destroyed communities across 2015. (More on that later.) For the third straight year, Guns & Ammo ranked American states (and Washington, D.C.) by how hospitable they are to gun owners. "Rather than simply reverse the rankings made by anti-gun groups, G&A has conducted a thorough review of each state's laws and considered initiatives pending in state legislatures," writer Keith Wood explained in his intro to the list. "Every effort has been made to create a ranking system that is fair, equitable, accurate and objective." That said, it will probably not surprise you that red states tend to rank higher than blue states. (Guns & Ammo)

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