10 Funniest 'Saturday Night Live' Athlete Hosts

Ronda Rousey takes on her toughest challenge yet as host of 'SNL' – can she follow in the footsteps of these sports greats?

1. Peyton Manning, 2007

Whether you're an athlete or an actor, the key to successfully hosting SNL is simple: Be game for anything. That appeared to be Peyton Manning's mantra in 2007, when he scored a touchdown as perhaps the greatest athlete to ever host the show. While the entire episode is a treat, two sketches in particular stand out: an instant-classic short where Manning lampoons his affable nature by abusing some kid football players, and an unbelievably weird (yet wonderful) sketch where Will Forte plays a basketball coach who motivates his team with Herb Alpert's groovy theme to Casino Royale while Manning tries to keep his composure. The episode was such a hit it earned Manning a coveted spot in the monologue of the show's 40th anniversary special just last year.

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